A King returns…a city rejoices

The city of Ayodhya  had come alive.  There were so many reasons to celebrate.  Lord Ram, the embodiment of truth and morality, had defeated the demon King Ravana, ending a fierce 10 day battle.  After having spent 14 years in exile at the forest, it was time for Lord Ram, his faithful wife Sita and ever devoted brother Lakshman to return home.

Bharata was growing increasingly impatient. He had counted every day of those 14 years that he had to endure separated from his beloved brother Ram. He encouraged the people of Ayodhya to celebrate the return of Ram with great pomp and splendor.  Not that there was a need to pass any such order! The city was colorfully decorated with flowers and garlands. Every home was bright and gleaming. But it was to be a moonless night and  Ayodhya’s hero should not arrive in darkness. Thus, rows and rows of lamps were lit to brighten up all paths of the entire city for Lord Ram’s homecoming. Colorful fireworks blazed off, brightening the night sky.  Finally, the flying chariot had landed.  s_6The King of Ayodha had arrived…


The people of Ayodhya could not contain their excitement and thronged the roads with garlands in their hands to welcome their beloved King. Joyously shouting “Jai Shree Ram”  (Victory to Ram), everyone wanted to be the first to catch a glimpse of Lord Ram.  Bharata rushed forward to touch Ram and Sita’s feet. The brothers hugged each other, tears flowing down their eyes. Ram, Sita and Lakshman then proceeded to meet their mothers, Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra, followed by their siblings.



Sage Vashishta ordered arrangements for Ram’s coronation to be made.  Lord Ram was seated on the throne and crowned the King of Ayodhya. Even the Gods in Heaven were overjoyed and showered the city with flowers. Everyone was pleased.  The city of Ayodhya rejoiced.