How my life changed in 41 days…

Inspired by friends who have completed the Hanuman Vrat (fast) & in need of some divine intervention, I decided to attempt this Vrat myself.  I began on 19th July (which happened to be Guru Purnima). Incidentally, my Vrat coincided with the auspicious month of Shravan which I was also observing (Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva, of whom Lord Hanuman is an incarnation).

One of the main requirements of the Vrat is to recite the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times daily for 41 days (the Hanuman Chalisa is a very powerful hymn, comprising of 40 verses). I must admit this wasn’t always easy…especially when I had to awake at 4:30am in the peak of Gauteng’s winter to recite at least 5 chalisas before leaving to work!

An ever increasing work-load had me either leaving the office after 6pm on most days or/and taking work home to complete.  As a result, there were some evenings when my last Chalisa was only recited just before midnight (this was apart from chanting the Shiva mantra a minimum of 108 times daily during Shravan). But so committed I became to this Vrat that once, on a Saturday night out with friends, I insisted on leaving early as I needed to complete my recitals & chanting!

images-9Prior to starting my Vrat, I had been contemplating returning to Durban.  Despite having a close circle of caring and supportive friends, I felt very lonely and unhappy in Gauteng & yearned to be back home with my family. But I had to carefully weigh my options. So I prayed for guidance and direction…& my inner voice was loud and very clear on what I should do. The time was now for me to take a great leap of faith. I resigned from my job, packed my bags & returned home. So much of uncertainty regarding my future, yet I couldn’t have been more certain about my decision. I knew this was Lord Hanuman-ji’s plan and I left it all in His hands.


Now here’s the interesting part: before even updating my CV, I received a call for a potential job offer in Durban. This was on Lakshmi pooja day.  And about 2 weeks later I got the call saying: “I’m pleased to inform you…the job is yours!” And this happened to be on Krishna Janmashtami.  Co-incidence?  I think not!

A friend, who does this Vrat annually, summed it up perfectly when he said: “Do this Vrat with faith and devotion and watch how your life will change.”  I never expected changes of this magnitude though! The great, mighty Lord Hanuman brought me back home where I’m happiest… & everything else fell into place.

“Thank you Lord Hanuman-ji for my answered prayers, and for all the prayers I know You are yet to answer…in Your perfect time. This humble, grateful devotee will forever stand in awe of You..”


tumblr_n3m1ufzy4r1ru322to1_400                                                                                        JAI SHREE RAM   ~~~   JAI HANUMAN