Durban rocks !

Living away from home for 2 years made me realize just how much Durban- Kwazulu Natal has to offer. Friendly people, awesome weather & beautiful beaches are some of the main characteristics that define my city. Whether you enjoy cultural activities or shopping sprees/bargain hunting, dining out or the vibrant night life… one simply cannot get bored in Durban.

Sometimes hot and happening, other times cool and crazy. But welcoming and wonderful all the time! My visits during my time away offered me the opportunity to view my city through a tourist’s eyes.  And what an eye-opener it was! This is where I belong, this is my “happy place”.

Allow me, if I may, this forum to write about the sights and sounds of beautiful Durban. But pardon me if I get carried away and brag a bit in doing so. I can’t help myself, you see… ‘cos I’m crazy about my city!