Introducing My Blog


I’m such a procrastinator.  I had this idea of starting a blog over a year ago but only got the ball rolling last month!  In my defense, allow me to explain the reasons for the delay:

  1. At first I couldn’t quite grasp the concept the blogging
  2. I simply didn’t have the time
  3. I was uninspired
  4. I couldn’t think of a catchy blog name
  5. I was sleepy!

But sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it.  My inspiration came from my matric class group chat.  It was a rare moment once when all participants were online and on chatterbox mode. Believe me when I say, we chatted about pretty much everything that evening…!!  Somehow, the banter turned to “bread ou and porridge ou” jokes and how us Hindi-speaking folk tend to over emphasize the letter “h” in certain words, while our Tamil-speaking friends leave them out completely! It was actually quite funny taking a dig each at each other, until one bright spark referred to me as “Hash” (I’m often called “Ash” for short). On the subject of “hash”, we jumped topics to…hashtags (of all things!). Bright Spark was on a roll as he quipped: “Don’t you guys mean ‘Ashtag? ” Everyone thought that was quite funny!  “Spoken like a true porridge ou!!” was my comeback to Bright Spark.

For the next few days I was called Ashtag on the group. I actually thought it was quite clever and catchy. Then came my light bulb moment…maybe “Ashtag” could work as that elusive name for my blog? And the rest, as they say, is history!


I hope my humble attempt at blogging can spread some smiles, motivate you to always be positive and never lose faith, encourage you to count your blessings and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Welcome to my blog

Only happy thoughts allowed!


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