Keegan’s crew… viral for what?

I don’t often view video clips I receive via whatsapp. Most times I find them a waste of data and storage space. Two weeks ago I received a clip from my very good friend Rishi. I ignored it at first but then realized, in our 3 years of friendship, Rishi has never sent me a clip before. This must be something he obviously enjoyed and thought I would too. So I proceeded to download…

fightNow picture this scene:  There’s a group of young guys at a braai, obviously in high spirits. One is shirtless, another is totally engrossed with something on his cell phone.  Two other very scared looking guys are standing against a wall watching…wait for it…a dude named Keegan trying to beat the hell out of Mr Shirtless.  And there’s obviously somebody recording all of this.  Then cell phone guy finally looks up and, after realizing what’s going on, rushes to intervene.  The two scared guys are doing really well in their roles as the audience.  What follows is a lot of shouting and colorful language, culminating with Mr Shirtless being rescued and taken away by the cell phone guy.  But wait, it’s not over yet! In fact, it just got even more weird. Someone just realised his shoes are on fire! Off course, he has to announce this using more colorful language…

“What on Earth is this?” I wondered.  Is it a real fight or were these guys just acting? I typed out a reply to Rishi, asking “who are these uncouth people?”  Then I thought: maybe these are relatives of his and this clip was sent to me in error? I removed the word “uncouth”. His vague response was the “laughing” icon, followed by “they’re probably fighting over breyani or braai meat!!”  Shame, he is obviously embarrassed about his relatives unruly behavior. I did not probe further.

Later on that evening I logged on to facebook to see my timeline flooded with memes that read “Warappen Keegan”.  Wait a second, aren’t these the same guys from the video clip?  Yes, they are!! Oh Gosh! It seems like Rishi’s drunken relatives video clip has somehow gone viral!

I watched the clip again. I obviously missed something humorous that had everyone else in a frenzy.  But I still didn’t find anything amusing. Even the media world was going crazy. Local radio stations were bragging about successfully tracking down and securing interviews with the infamous Keegan. Numerous articles were dedicated to him on print and online publications. A local nightclub advertised “Come and meet Keegan this Saturday!”

I still did not get it! This guy was recorded beating his friend and, next thing we know, he becomes an internet sensation and is regarded as a hero??  When did violence become cool and funny? Some argued it was simply the cell phone guy’s accent and repeated reference to a woman’s certain undergarment (slang for “friends”) that was so hilarious.  Personally, I have some friends and relatives who speak like cell phone guy but I don’t burst out laughing whenever they do. Just forget it, I thought. Most people found it amusing, so let me just let it be.

But, in my humble opinion, the cell phone guy was the only rational one with some common sense. If anyone deserved fame, he did.  Well done dude. I’m sure the great Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of you for promoting “passive resistance”!

The 2 things I learnt here: Never under-estimate the power of social media. And, none of those guys are related to Rishi!  For the next few days I was inundated with silly memes via whatsapp which I duly deleted ‘cos, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less what happened to Keegan!!