My Gratitude Journal

Recently, I’ve either read motivational articles or  stumbled upon inspirational quotes/sayings that encourage the practise of gratitude.  The general belief is that if we constantly express gratitude for all that we have, we will receive even more to be grateful for.  Being grateful is also believed to positively impact our emotional/mental state. There are even bold claims that our lives could be drastically transformed! I was intrigued. So, is the key to manifesting good things happening in my life as simple as just saying “thank you” more often?  Being my curious self, I  had to delve deeper into this theory!

I began to observe the behavior of people who adopt an “attitude of gratitude”  and the common trait I found in them is they appear happier and more content than the rest of us. They generally worry less and have no expectations of anyone or any situation.  It’s almost as if they are magnets that attract more positive (than negative) outcomes in their lives.

I researched a bit more and learnt that the best way to begin reaping the benefits of gratitude is to start a “gratitude journal“.   A gratitude journal is basically a diary where you record, on a daily basis, at least 5 things that you are thankful for.  It need not be anything extravagant that you’re expressing gratitude for but simple things like the clothes you have, an interesting book you read, a nice cup of coffee…absolutely anything! But you should not merely just write down “I am grateful for this or thank you for that…”  You have to really feel the emotion of thankfulness behind your words.  Updating your journal should not be regarded as a mundane task you need to complete everyday.  Again, it’s all about truly feeling grateful from within.  Talk show host, Oprah Winfrey testifies to the benefits of being thankful and strongly advocates keeping a gratitude journal, as she has been doing for over a decade.

I have to test this  “power of gratitude” for myself, so I decided to start my own Gratitude Journal this month (if it worked for Oprah, I’m sure it will work for me too!) I will endeavor to update my journal every evening. At the end of every month, I will review my journal and write a follow up post on my gratitude journey and the impact on my life.

I’m positive I will think of more than 5 things everyday that is worthy of my gratitude. Besides, many ardent followers of the power of gratitude have already managed to convince me that there is always something to be thankful for…