Be adventurous & take a step outside your comfort zone… I dare you !!

What’s the first thing that come to mind when you hear the word “adventure” ?

Doing something exciting and daring?  Maybe even slightly dangerous?

Going on a holiday in a foreign country?

These are the more common notions of what defines adventure.

My idea of adventure is slightly different though.  On a recent quest to discover my adventurous and spontaneous side, whilst at the hair salon for my 6 weeks trim, I decided to have my hair cut really short.

My hair-stylist knowing all too well how I’ve always wanted long, lustrous locks, kept asking:  “Are you sure you want to go this short Ashika?”   To which I replied: “Please just cut it!!”

Surprisingly, I actually felt a sense of elation as I watched my snipped hair fall to the floor.    I tried not to look at the mirror until I was shown the final result.

“Well what do you think?”  she nervously asked as she watched me look at my reflection.

I was taken aback at first as my hair was never this short before.  It almost felt as if I was looking at a different person.

But then I smiled because I was really happy with what I was seeing.  “I love it!“   I replied excitedly.


And that was the start to my birthday month which I termed  #AdventurousAugust

But my idea of adventure is not about cutting my hair or unleashing the daredevil in me.   Reading a genre of book totally different from what I usually read, a  new hobby, a fun outing with friends and taking pictures on the side of the road, tasting exotic cuisine, a walk on the beach, a long drive with no destination in mind, wearing a color that I don’t usually wear.… these are all adventures for me.


You need not jump off a bridge or dive amongst sharks to be considered adventurous.  Simply stepping out of your comfort zone and doing anything out of the ordinary is an adventure right there!