When a young lady made me cringe…

I don’t usually share stuff like this as I’m very finicky about what appears on my profile. But my brother and I were discussing this video clip and he was taken aback by my comments and urged me to post them. So here goes…

 To the young lady in this clip (ok, scratch that because there’s nothing “lady-like” about you). “Uncouth, little gangster-wannabe” sounds more apt!

Now that you’ve had your 2 minutes of fame, how do you feel? Like a heroine or a celebrity perhaps? In this day and age, we constantly encourage young females to get an education, focus on their careers, become independent, to respect and love themselves and to uplift each other. Then you come along, displaying your gangster tendencies, and make us wonder where are we getting it wrong.  You violently pushed another female to the ground, shouting profanities that flowed so freely out of your mouth, and you beat her up over a boy.  Over a boy??? Was he worth you losing your self-respect for?

You look like you’re probably around 14 or 15 years old. Your life has not even begun yet. Let me share something with you. You are going to meet many other guys in your lifetime, you will get into relationships and you will fall in love. But guess what? Chances are that promises won’t always be kept, you could be disappointed, you may be cheated on or lied to and have your heart broken. Trust me, it has happened to many of us. But that’s life. We accept it, cry if we have to, then pick ourselves up and move on. You chose to resort to violence just because another girl follows some dude you fancy on Instagram…I shudder to imagine how you will react later on in life when things don’t go your way. And trust me, they won’t always. Not in the corporate world, nor in your personal life either. Miss “Tough Cookie”, I dare you to try beating up people then!

Let me tell you something else. That guy you were fighting over? I highly doubt he’s impressed with your gangster act and will be updating his Instagram /Facebook profile anytime soon stating he’s “in a relationship” with you. The reality is he and his friends probably had a good laugh over how you publicly made a fool of yourself.

How does it make you feel knowing thousands of people viewed your infamous clip and made such “flattering” comments? Comments like you will end up in prison someday or a drug addict or a single teenage mum. Are you pleased knowing your upbringing is being questioned? Your parents probably work hard to get you educated and this is how you chose to thank them?
The uniform that you wear represents your alma mater. Your school’s reputation has now been tarnished, thanks to you. Speaking of school uniforms, what’s with the length (or lack thereof) of some girls’ uniforms these days? The shortest skirts I own (which I only wear to the odd party I attend) are still longer than what some girls wear to school!

And to those boys in the video, you should hang your heads in shame. Not one of you had the courage to intervene? You just stood and watched a helpless female been beaten, laughing and spurring your gangster friend on, whilst one of you recorded the whole episode. You are just as pathetic as she is. I wonder if that was your sister being beaten, would you have still found it so amusing and entertaining? Your calibre of young men have the potential of becoming women abusers someday.

Miss Tough Cookie, I know that sometimes we do stupid things when we’re young. But exactly what level of stupidity were you aiming for? Believe me, there are some things that people never forget. Ever. Be assured that for the rest of your life this incident will pop up in conversations, reminding you of how you compromised your integrity over a boy (who probably will end up marrying the girl you assaulted!)

Someday you might be someone’s wife. A daughter-in-law. Maybe even a mother… to a daughter. What values will you instil in her?  If you are still feeling proud of yourself, I hope you carry this pride with you to your wedding day. How about broadcasting your wonderful video clip on the big screen to give your new family and relatives an insight about your notoriety? Show them what a respectable and peace-loving lady the new addition to their family is!

My dear child, I don’t know you but I cringed when I watched your video. You have let us women down. Badly. When we speak about young ladies empowering themselves, we don’t mean you have to do it at the expense of over-powering your counterparts. Or perhaps you misunderstood the concept of women fighting (excuse the pun) for equal rights as men?

No doubt, life has it’s fair share of challenges. But how you choose to respond to them is what shapes your character. And no matter what, violence is never the answer.  If you really desire fame that much, then please rather opt to become famous for touching someone’s heart,  not for breaking someone’s bones!